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Welcom to Anders & Oles home in cyberspace

Vi are two mature gyus that lives in cosy Malmö. Vi met one another in the autumn of 1995 and fell in love. In January 1996 we were registered as partners in Copenhagen Townhall - som pictures from that can be found here.

Until October 2003 we lived in - whats today is very fashionable - Vesterbro, more precisly in Halmtorvet (Hey Market), which today is filled with bars and restaurants and here you also find the big hall - Øksnehallen. The apartment was very nice and built in 1884 (some pictures from it can be found here), but the 5th floor without elevator and no balcony made us move to a better apartment on the other side of the Sound.

We like it here and have many friends - we also keppt our friends in Denmark - dispite what the pessimist thought.

Will probably write more here later on, but if you wish to know something you can leve a message in the guestbook and we will contact you.


Safe surfing

Anders & Ole




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